Dental Exam Information
The dentistry examination consists of six sections: Endodontics, Class III Composite, Class II Amalgam, Fixed Prosthodontics, computer simulated Periodontics and Prosthodontics. For the ADEX exam that SRTA will begin administering in 2013- the periodontal patient is more
2014 Dental Candidate Manual
Dental Hygiene Information
The Dental Hygiene examination consists
of a clinical partial oral prophylaxis and periodontal more
2014 Dental Hygiene Candidate Manual
Examination Schedule
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SRTA examination recognized by 30 states!
In an effort to consistently improve operations, SRTA will be accepting online applications. You can Apply online for the SRTA examination.
Our Mission
SRTA will continue to provide valid, reliable, legally defensible examinations and results while striving to implement new testing methodologies in a candidate friendly environment for the next generation of dental professionals.
Scores will be available online no later that three (3) weeks following the examination. Simply use your registration username(email) and password to retrieve them. You will be emailed notification of the posting of scores. Please do not call our office as our personnel are not authorized to release this information.

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